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From hand to hand

There is a person behind each step in the manufacturing process for our shoes, there is a person
Your path is in our hands

A shoe for your everyday life

We want to accompany you on your path. For you and everyone like you looking for a shoe that gives them freedom, that makes them feel good and as light as a feather. A shoe for independent people, convincing, believing their own trend and choosing their destiny. A shoe for people like you.

Feel the freedom of walking through life

Quality, comfort and exclusive design

Each On Foot shoe passes through ten different hands during manufacturing. It's not just any old question. Working in this way, skin on skin, we manage to mould the most refined materials to our taste.

After decades of experience, our philosophy has barely changed. The constant search for renewal through daily work has a single aim: a shoe that combines quality, comfort and exclusive design.

We are the third generation of a family that lives for footwear. We only manufacture in Spain and we only use materials and leather from Europe. A constant quality guarantee at the best price. A path to follow. A path that we want to be yours.


Step by step

We are seeking maximum well-being for anyone using On Foot. Each step in the process is the result of research and designed to guarantee maximum comfort.

50 years of Made in Spain innovation


Design and cut

Design and pattern cutting for each model. Automatic cutting of all parts of the shoe in the corresponding material.


Decorating and sewing

Decorating and sewing all the parts. Hot/cold moulding of tips and stiffener. Sewing the sole.


Shaping and smoothing

Each shoe is put on its corresponding last. Using cold or heat, the leather adapts, smooths out and becomes stronger and better quality.



Brushing the shoe. Grease is applied to embellish, provide shine and protection. Fitting laces and insoles. Storage and packing.

Part by part

Materials and technical features

All materials that we use, our designs and our research are planned to guarantee maximum quality for our shoes, foot well-being, day to day strength and the greatest respect for nature.

Leather and materials all come from Europe

Cutting materials

  • Imitation LeatherCalfskin with smooth, shiny finish. Soft, comfortable and pleasant to touch. Origin: Elda (Spain).
  • SuedeVery flexible calfskin. Light, soft and breathable. Provides freshness and comfort. Origin: Alcanena (Portugal)
  • NubuckHigh quality leather. Brushed to give it a velvety texture. Origin: Elda (Spain)

Inner materials

  • OnSteam® lining100% breathable microfibre. High absorption power and heat regulating effect. Total comfort and drying.
  • Textile liningHigh quality fabric lining that provides the softness and breathability that your feet need.
  • Removable insoleAnatomical design made in OnSteam® with great absorption. Removable, making it easy to use your own insoles.

Materials for soles

  • TrHighly flexible and light elastic materials based on a thermoplastic elastomer.
  • RubberNatural origin, very strong and flexible. Great grip and cushioning. Reusable.
  • PuSole that is light and flexible and at the same time very dense.
  • TpuGreat non slip features and really comfortable for walking thanks to its flexibility and cushioning.

Other features

  • Stitched to the soleOur shoes are sewn all around the sole. We thereby ensure that they will last and that the parts are joined correctly.
  • AetheticsOur sewing gives great aesthetic personality to our models, guaranteeing maximum sealing.
  • Ergonomic shoe lastThe design of our shoes works from an exhaustive ergonomic study for maximum anatomical adaptation.
  • ComfortAesthetics, foot study, manufacturing process.... It's all been thought out for maximum comfort with the best style.

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